Enrollment_Information_for_International_Students_in ECUT

Enrollment Information for International Students

to East China University of Technology (2016)

(Nanchang, Jiangxi)


 East China University of Technology (ECUT) is a technological university jointly founded by Jiangxi Province, the Ministry of Land and Resource (MLR), and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry (SCST). Located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, ECUT enjoys a history of 58 years. Presently, ECUT has two campuses, one in Nanchang and the other in Fuzhou City in the same province, covering about 130 thousand km2. Due to decades’ development, ECUT has expanded its teaching and research fields to Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Laws, and Science of Management. It is now composed of more than 20 faculties and research organizations. There are about 30,000 students studying on the composes and a staff of about 2000 teaching or researching in ECUT.

 What to Learn Here

 In our school, you can apply for the Master Degree or Bachelor Degree Programs here in the following subjects. You can also apply for long-term or short-term programs of language training.

 Doctoral Degree Program

 Geological Resource and Engineering

· Master's Degree Programs

 •Geological Resource and Engineering

 •Environmental Science and Engineering

 •Land Resource Management Engineering

 •Geotechnical Engineering



 •Civil Engineering

 •Electronic Circuit and System

· Bachelor's Degree Programs

 •Mining Engineering


 •l Management(HSK4.0 required)

 •Marketing(HSK4.0 required)

 •Chinese Language & Literature(HSK4.0 required)

 •Software Engineering

 •Electronic Engineering

 •Civil Engineering

 •Chemical Engineering


 For English courses under Bachelor Degree Program, the number of the students recruited in any certain major should be at least 15.

 The Master Degree Programs above are selected, we offer 21 disciplines altogether (see List of Enrollment for details).

·Chinese Language Study Program

 We offer four different types of Chinese Language Study Programs: 4-week program; 8-week program; 5-month program; and 10-month program. We provide language services specialized in teaching Chinese as a second language and offer content-based cultural lessons in addition to various kinds of cultural activities.

 How to Apply

· For Language Study Program

 Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens, senior high school graduates, over 18 and under 55 years old, in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody.

· For Degree Programs

 Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens, senior high school graduates and above, over 18 and under 40 years old, in good health, and with reliable financial support and custody. Relevant documents are required.


 All the international students are arranged in the separated campus apartments, usually a shared apartment with two individual rooms. In your apartment you have:

 - free broadband Internet access

 - bedroom with bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and air conditioning

 - shared bathroom with hot water access

 - shared kitchen with water and electricity access

 Your monthly budget at Nan Chang

 1500 RMB minimum per month

 - housing : for university housing (400RMB for shared room; 800RMB for single room) ;

 for off campus housing (600 – 1000 RMB).

 - food : 600 RMB

 - transportation : 100 RMB

 - Miscellaneous costs (leisure, clothing, mobile phone…) : 300 RMB


 International students should purchase medical insurance, and insurance contents must include unforeseen injury and hospitalization medical.

 Ping’an Insurance Company of China provides comprehensive insurances including unforeseen injury insurance and hospitalization insurance for students abroad in China, and insurance fee is 900RMB per year.

 Scholarship Application

I.Scholarship Types

 Jiangxi province provides different scholarships for international students:

 A.International students in the programs of MA, Phd degree with excellent study performance can apply for the scholarship of 5,000-10,000 RMB per academic year.

 B.International students in the programs of Bachelor degree with excellent study performance can apply for the scholarship of2,000-5,000 RMB per academic year.

 C.International students in the programs of language training (more than 5 months study) with excellent study performance can apply for the scholarship of1,000- 3,000 RMB per academic year.

 D.We provide scholarship for enrollment in MA and Phd degree programs, 5,000RMB for MA and 10,000RMB following the registration.

II.Application Process

 From January to May, international students can apply for the scholarship. The documents are listed as following:

  1.  Application Form for Jiangxi Government Scholarship

  2.  Copy of Diploma and study records

  3.  Passport

  4.  Physical examination report

  5.  Letter of Recommendation (Bachelor program and language training program excluded)

  6.  Study plan and expertise report

 Tuition Fees

· For Degree Programs





Science and Engineering

Art(painting) & Physical Education

Bachelor’s rogram


16,800 RMB/year

21,000 RMB/year

4 years

Master’s program

18,000 MB/year

22,000 RMB/year

27,000 RMB/year


Doctoral program

30,000 RMB/year


· For Language Study Program




4 weeks

Summer vacation

3000 RMB

8 weeks

Summer vacation

5000 RMB

5 months

Autumn semester

8,000 RMB

10 months

Autumn and spring semester

12,000 RMB

 Contact Us

 Tel86-791-83897430 86-791-83898582Fax86-791-83879835

 E-mail:Lijun Zhang—Secretary of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

 (; 86-791-83897430 )

 Jingwei SUN—Assistant secretary of the Office of International Students Affairs

 (; 86-791-83898582 )